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Bungee Trampoline Harnesses

MaxiFun's range of bungee trampoline harness is specially designed to fits everyone. Indeed, you can choose between several sizes (S, M, L), suitable for adults and kids jumpers, and different colours as black, blue, or yellow.

Also discover our array of Premium bungee trampoline harneness that are used on our Bungee Salto Trampoline since 1999. As safe as the basic ones, they will bring you a maximum confort for maxi fun. 

Have fun with our other spare parts for bungee trampolines.

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Find all size of bungee trampolines harness below:

Bungee Trampoline Harness
Harness Basic L
160.00 CHF(151.55 €)
Harness Basic M
160.00 CHF(151.55 €)
Harness Basic S
160.00 CHF(151.55 €)