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High Jump
Air Games Maxi fun : inventor and world-wide saler of bungy trampoline and salto trampoline

Something new and different for exciting sensations, all-public.
The most economical and thrilling amusement-park attraction on the market.

An impressive ejection overall, but not extreme, with the exciting sensation of acceleration, the feeling of height at the summit of the ejection, a feeling of weightlessness and then a quick feeling of free-fall as you go down.

The client stands in the middle of the structure and the technician fits him with a harness which is then connected to the base of the High Jump, using a “wide hook”. The elastics on each side of the harness are attached to cords which are then connected to an electric winch. The elastics must be tightened or loosened according to the client's weight, allowing people from 40 – 110 kgs. to use this attraction. If the person weighs more than 90 kg ., an extra elastic must be used. When the elastics are tightened, the technician opens the “wide hook”, which frees the client, ejecting him up to heights of 18 metres . Each ejection lasts from 2.30 – 3 minutes, which allows the passage of 20 – 25 clients per hour.

Easily assembled and simply designed, the High Jump is made of a 40 m2 metal base, set on the ground, which can be dismantled. Two 15-metre pylons, each made in three pieces which can be dismantled, are set onto the base. The longest pieces are 6 metres long. The entire structure is made of 19 pieces, several of which are duplicated. A clever building system makes it possible to set up the frame in 2 hours, with only 2 technicians. For safety's sake, all of the moving pieces (ropes, pulleys, carabiners) are duplicated and each of them has a safety coefficient up to 15 times more than the expected stress. The structure shows its extreme rigidity when used, proving its strength and durability. It is 15 metres high and maximum ejection height is 18 metres .

The elastics should be changed after many ejections. Replacing these elements should be preceded by visual inspection for wear and tear, but only the ropes should be changed at least once a year. This represents a low % of the turnover, applied to maintenance. The simple design of the High Jump requires very little upkeep. European Compliance Certification.

Technical Information
Time per jumper :

2,5 - 3 minutes
Standard price :

5-7 Euros
Hours per day : 8 hours
Number of clients : 20 per hour / 160 per day
Daily revenue : 1120 Euros

Monthly revenue (20 days) :

22400 Euros

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