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Fun Tower
Air Games Maxi fun : inventor and world-wide saler of bungy trampoline and salto trampoline

The Fun Tower is a 4,9 to 8 metre high, 2,3 to 4 metre wide tower made up of multiple hoops. These are interlaced with elastics, like a spiderweb. Children can climb up each layer right to the top, by going through the elastic rings. At the top there is a small play area, and a toboggan slide can be installed as an option.
The installation is covered with a textile roof which can be transformed into an interesting publicity support.

The Fun Tower can be a fixed installation for amusement parks, sports centres, summer camps or at the beach, and is also available as a mobile unit on a trailer, for fairs, carnival, birthday parties or rentals. The Fun Tower requires very little upkeep and only requires one person to run it.

Number of clients per hour : 150 (at full capacity)
Price per client : EURO 3.-
Daily capacity : 2700 Euro (6 hours of use per day)

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