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Big Foot
Air Games Maxi fun : inventor and world-wide saler of bungy trampoline and salto trampoline

A new sensation is here.
A new fashion will go hot all over the world !!!

You can take one step 2~3 meters and also jump 1~2 meters high when you use it. It will be one of hottest sports during this year! And it will be a windstorm in fashion, leisure and amusement throughout the world for people in different areas and different ages.

Everyone can enjoy it !

Introduction :

It suits everybody, no matter the age is which is embodied the attraction of sport. It’s also the special product of vigorous and amusement.

The dream of becoming Michael Jordan will come true, if you try it when you play basketball.

Big Foot’s features are :

You can show your cool dancing to people when you wear it.

You will share the happiness with the world if you walk with it.

Bring it to play sports with your children, not only you can be close to them, but also make your children increase themselves-confidence with the sense of pride for a healthy body.

Big Foot is available from 30 kg (66 lb) to 120 kg ( 264 lb) in teenager’s or adult’s model.

Teenager Model « Big Foot » : from 30 kg (66 lb) to 60 kg

This is not the new cosset of boys.
The girl who likes beautiful to own it, not only have pretty body, but also have the fiction of reduce weight.

Adult Model « Big Foot » : from 60 kg to 120 kg ( 264 lb)

The adult model Big Foot give the ability to jump up to 2 meters (6 feet) in the air and take running strides of up to 9 feet in length. Big Foots are for the average athletically-inclined person and the professional circus performer!
Incredible basketball slam dunks, amazing flips, breath-taking heights -all are made possible with the Big Foot !

Enjoy incredible heights and speed with your Big Foot !

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