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Adventure Track
Air Games Maxi fun : inventor and world-wide saler of bungy trampoline and salto trampoline

The first acrobatic, artificial and urban track which can be dismantled is now available !

This activity can be taken as a game or sport, is accessible and also made for families. There are different levels of difficulties : children, teenagers, adults and people who love sport.

The Adventure Track offers a large range of swinging bridges and this allows to change the difficulty of the track depending on the age and/or the motivation of the public. The track can have different configurations according to the number of swinging bridges (minimum number is 6).
There is also the possibility to add supplementary pairs and so we can go to 8, 10 or 12. This is perfect to show the track in many different ways.

The forms (depends on the number of swinging bridges) can be represented in L – S – C.

Public target : children from 4 years old, teenagers and adults

The acrobatic track offers to the adventures great moments of escape. People can play “Tarzan” from 2 to 6 meters upon the ground and will experience this feeling of empty space fear and fall but being safe all the time through two cords and a security cable.

An original way to spend a nice moment of relaxing and also to live a real challenge !


The installation and follow up are assured by a high qualified staff, who are professional guides used to work with this material and who are specialized in this kind of installation. The materials that we use are certified CE norms and we can give the warranty of a label of quality strengthening the security.

The qualified guides will give an obligatory initiation meeting to the people who will take part in this activity. With this initiation the people will have all the security advices and will know how to use the material provided on the track.

The attendance of the guides allows the advices, the security and the help in case a person is in difficulty.

Strong points of the track :

This game is accessible to the children from the age of 4 years old.
No staff is required on the plaform when the children are playing
Children are able to go forward by themselves
Installation Outdoor & Indoor
Catalog of 30 different swinging bridges
Modulated track
Safety all the way

Ideal for families, enterprises, personal development or to have fun between friends…

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